A basic guide to get started.

Lands Written 4 Jan 2020

Lands is simple to use. To access the main menu, type /lands

Warning! Both methods require at least $4000 in your in-game account.

To create a new land, there are two ways to go about this. You can either...

  1. Type /land create [name] to create a new land. Or...
  2. Type /land claim to create a new land using your username.

Or if you're playing with a friend who already has a land...

Ask them to send you an invite using /lands trust [your username]

Options for Lands

This section will talk about the various features Lands has.

By using /lands you can access many options that your claim has, such as Taxes, the lands name, and the MOTD.

You can also enable specific options for the different roles in your Land, but through the GUI interface it makes typing in multiple commands much easier.

You can also set taxes for a specific chunk, so if you want a Shop in your land, you can set special taxes for that. Taxes are calculated in this way.

Tax-1 + Tax-2 + Tax-... = Total Taxes

IMPORTANT Please keep this in mind if you plan to set taxes for individual chunks, as it can cause players to leave your land!

Companions Written 4 Jan 2020

Companions is a plugin where you can buy a pet that gives you passive effects. To access the main menu, type /c

Warning! Be aware that you can only buy companions through a currency called Companion Coins.

How do I get Companion Coins?

Easy, we will never make Companion Coins a pay-to-win sort of thing, so we currently have 3 road ways in order for a player to obtain companion coins.

  1. Claim Companion Coins from the /dailyrewards command.
  2. From ranking up in-game through the /rankup command.
  3. By completing Quests from the in-game NPC in the spawn.

Lottery Written 4 Jan 2020

Lottery is a plugin where you spend $500 into the lottery for a chance to win. To access the main menu, type /lottery

The idea of Lottery is simple. Pay $500 to enter, and you could have a chance to win. Of course, its all with in-game money.

Why should I enter a lottery?

A lottery can help your land a lot of money, which can buy valueable resources! You will need them for the next thing up in this list... Which is war!

Wars Written 4 Jan 2020

Wars in Lands is very simple. To get a list of war commands, type /war

Warning! If you lose, you will lose around 75% of your treasury as well!

How is this different from Factions?

Very different. When a war is declared, players on both sides have 1 day to prepare for attack.

Will my stuff be griefed?

It depends on how well you defend your stuff. Unlike Factions, there are no fancy plugins which make players build bases just out of obsidian. Players can use traditional defenses such as walls, Redstone traps, Redstone contraptions, and just good ol' defense.

Info Up to 3 players from either side have to be online in order to allow the placing or breaking of blocks.

The 3000 block radius play area also adds an interesting level to gameplay, allowing players to use horses, tunnels, and other such methods of transportation to attack.

How do I join?

Copy and paste the IP to join our server.

If the server is down for you, check our Discord! It could be under very important maintenance work.